Nigerian Athletes Using Their Platform To Promote Change

Image Via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Over the past month since the murder of George Floyd in Minnesota, we have seen a rise in protest throughout the world in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. The purpose of these protests have been to call out police brutality against unarmed black people, racism, and raise awareness of the systematic oppression against black people as well. Sports has always been considered one of the tools that could bring people from different backgrounds together. During this time period, numerous athletes have begun to use their voice to speak out on these injustices. We want to share some of the work that our fellow Nigerian athletes have been doing to promote change in the world.

Emmanuel Acho’s Uncomfortable Conversations

Emmanuel Acho started a series on social media entitled “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man” where he engages in conversations with white America in order to educate and inform them on racism, social injustice, and the hurt black people are feeling. The series has been a huge success thus far sparking great conversation that hopefully will lead to change in our communities. Check out the first episode here:

Chiney Joins the More Than A Vote Initiative

WNBA star Chiney Ogwumike joins Lebron James nonprofit organization named More Than A Vote. The organization goal is to encourage black people to register & vote, and expose voter suppression that is occurring in America. James has enlisted many top athletes and artists to join this coalition. Chiney has always been vocal on issues using her voice both on and off the court. Chiney talks about the importance of black women being involved in the movement:

Anthony Joshua Leads Protest in Watford

Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua joined one of the peaceful protest in his hometown of Watford in support of Black Lives Matter. The importance of this is that some see police brutality & systematic oppression against black people as only an American issue. This is a global human rights issue and it is important that we have global support from stars across the world using their voices to call out the issues.

Giannis Speaks at Local Milwaukee Protest

Giannis Antetokounmpo and his brothers joined  their fellow Milwaukee Bucks teammates in several  public protest in support of social justice. The team came together in solidarity to be with the people of the Milwaukee. It is extremely important that the face of the Bucks franchise and one of the faces of the NBA was present to march with the people. Giannis took the opportunity to share some words with the crowd:

There are other Nigerian athletes that have been doing amazing things this past month to promote change in our world as well. I respect and applaud all of them for being part of the movement. I’m excited and encouraged to see this generation of athletes being active during this time. As role models, they have a responsibility to use their platform for good. Staying silent is not an option. Let’s all continue to call out the injustice and the systematic oppression that’s plaguing our world. As a reminder this is a movement… Blacks Lives Matter.

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